AWicons Lite

AWicons Lite 10.2

AWicons Lite allows the user to manage, create and import icons, cursors

Awicons Lite is a home free software which allows the user to manage, create and import icons, cursors, animated cursors or icons with the following compatibilities, icon (ico),cursor (cur), animated cursor (ani), icons library (icl), BMP image (bmp), JPEG image (jpg), GIF image (gif) and PNG image (png). This complete program gives the user unlimited options to manage these different files. In the main screen, you have all the main commands already displayed. Once you have selected a file you can choose the image color depth and size. You can also handle the object by choosing its type, change the preview background color, add, remove, or move images, set a cursor hot spot or animate cursors. Among many options the software provides you with Drawing tools, such as insert text, change color, select areas and more; Tool modifiers, to do anti-aliasing, transparent mode, etc.. Brush color can also be selected at your will, and the last sixteen colors you have used will always be displayed. But this is not all! Effects can be added, configure the object by changing rotation, brightness, invert it, blur or make 3D rotation, to mention some. In the help menu you will find interesting contents and tips and tricks to work with the images! No one has ever provided you with such a large amount of tools to work with icons, cursors or small graphics. Easy to use, this software is irreplaceable and lets you play with your imagination and creativity.

Jorge Migel
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  • Great file compatibility, wide range of options, icons online for free


  • The screen appears in pieces and not as one only screen, the main screen is too small, objects are not clear, often blurred
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